successWith any new endeavor, you have to learn as you go along, right?

No matter if you have a degree in that subject, or you took a class/read a book about it, did an apprenticeship with a master craftsperson, or whatever… as the saying goes, learning happens on the job. So…

Back in March/April 2013, I took a fantastic course called From Mags to Riches, which (you guessed it) taught me the basics of publishing my own digital magazine. (Hooray! A marketing tool that’s right up my alley! Easy, right? Okay, so maybe there’s still a learning curve in some regards…)

It has now been over a year since I published my first ‘zine…and with four issues now under my belt, and a brand-new one due out this fall, I’ve learned my fair share of “lessons on the job”.

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I know you’ve got tons of files crammed into that computer of yours! And I bet sometimes you get frustrated, trying to find the ones you need—especially your all-important business files.

My own computer is brimming with so many files…it’s really kinda scary…

…or it would be scary, if I didn’t have a fun trick for navigating this vast and tangled web!

Beyond basic organization (designating a folder for business, one for personal files, and many sub-folders within like “marketing” or “client projects”), I love to use ICONS to make my frequently used file folders easy to spot. The result: faster clicking, and quicker access to the file I happen to need at any given moment. And, okay, it’s also just fun to decorate the otherwise-boring “My Documents” folder!

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Put Your Business Name in Lights!

eyes with purple makeupWhen you land on a new website, where’s the first place your eyes go?

To the header, right? You’re looking for the company name, maybe the tagline too—because that’s where you’ll get the first hint at what that business is all about.

Now, think about your own site header—specifically, your business name. Obviously, you want it to stand out in a good way. You want your site visitors to see it, and get that lovely first “taste” of what your business stands for.

And one of the simplest ways to do that, is by displaying your biz name in an excellent font that’s all YOU! There are literally thousands of fonts out there—way more than came pre-installed on your PC or Mac—so you have no excuse not to be totally, fabulously unique—even surprising, mesmerizing, or awe-inspiring.

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Fairy. Beautiful Girl in Blowing Dress Flying. MagicIn the last year, I’ve used a lot of stock photography. Much more than I ever had before. (If you’re a regular reader of Designed2Flourish magazine, you know where most of those photos end up!).

And the more time I spend searching for and acquiring these photos, the more surprised and delighted I am by all the other cool graphics and goodies that are readily available on most stock photo websites.

What goodies are we talking about?

You might never realize this stuff is out there—but it IS, and it’s super-useful! Maybe you’ve been wishing to find a specific item (for example, a color-coordinated “Buy Now” button for your website, to replace that generic yellow Paypal button), but you didn’t know where to look…

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6 Tips to Find Fantastic Stock Photos

photo shootAh, what would we small biz owners do without stock photos?

The big dogs with corporate-size budgets, have fancy on-site studios and staff photographers to fulfill their photographic requirements.

Thankfully, we don’t need any of that—as long as we know where to look, to find the images we need.

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Here’s a hint: It’s all about the cover.

It doesn’t matter how we shop for books and magazines—whether it’s in a physical bookstore, or online via—the cover is, more often than not, the lure that makes us want to pick it up (or click) to learn more.

This is what's on my Kindle lately...

This is what’s on my Kindle lately…

For example, the dystopian book series that’s front-and-center on my Kindle right now (Delirium)…I clicked on it in’s “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought…” section. The cover got me!

Just like that, jazzing up the cover of your snazzy new e-book or magazine can net you a lot more subscribers/buyers than you could get otherwise. Look at Betty Means Business—how the 3 Essential Done-for-You Scripts to Attract More Dream Clients e-book is shown on a tablet screen. Looks a lot more meaty and worth checking out that way, doesn’t it? Just a simple alteration, can work wonders…

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In both business and life, I prefer things to be as simple as possible (maybe you do too?).

So, juggling a dozen different marketing tactics, giving a little bit to each, and only getting a little bit of ROI back from each? That’s just not gonna fly.

flourishing and joyful

By contrast, I LOVE focusing a large chunk of my marketing “muscle” into ONE strategy that really works wonders. (And then dividing the rest among 2 or 3 secondary strategies).

If you’re reading this blog, there’s a good chance you’ve seen (and hopefully, read!) my magazine, Designed2Flourish. And you may have noticed, that I put a lot of sweat + tears (and maybe even a little blood) into each issue…because more than anything else, it’s the ONE thing that has made the biggest difference in my business!

Plus, I get a kick out of organizing, coordinating, and leading each group of fantastic biz-women—and weaving their inspirations and advice into a beautiful publication worth reading + learning from. The “digital magazine” medium is the perfect fit for me…it gives YOU the chance to learn from some amazing women’preneurs, gives me the opportunity to have fun + showcase my magazine/ebook design chops, and has literally grown my subscriber list by over 1,000% in one year’s time. What’s not to love?

Find YOUR Sweetest Marketing Tool…

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Dusting away the cobwebs in your online marketing…

Woman covers with handI’m guilty of this, and maybe you are too: I’ve let certain corners of my online business world gather too much dust (my Facebook page cover image, for example), and then one day I stumble onto it and *gasp*: “Oh my goodness, I haven’t updated this in ages, the information there is outdated/misleading, etc. Yikes! How many prospective followers and future clients have been confused and/or scared off by those cobwebs?”

Definitely NOT the kind of impression you, I, or any other self-respecting lady’preneur wants to make on her target audience!

But, we entrepreneurs have our brand stamped onto umpteen dozen different corners of the internet nowadays, and I digress—sometimes it’s hard to keep tabs on everything all at once.

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The #1 Business Essential You Can’t Afford to Skip

Of all the tough learning curves in entrepreneurship, I think this one concept is hardest to get a handle on.

Yes, it’s tough…“branding” is such an intangible thing, and what exactly it means is often up for interpretation. For that reason, trying to “brand” your business can feel like trying to grasp tendrils of smoke—kind of impossible to get a concrete hold on it.


BUT, when you boil it down to the simplest explanation, you can see why branding is essential to the success of your business…

…because BRANDING, is all about the way your audience PERCEIVES your business.

Say that you have a certain set of characteristics & values that you want your company to be known for…that’s your brand!

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simple pleasuresEvery now and then, this fast-paced + chaotic world has me wishing I’d been born in a simpler era. One with more emphasis on quality of life + savoring the moment, rather than on speed/quantity + rushing through things to get onto the next one on the list.

Of course, it doesn’t take me long to remember that, “Yes, it would be lovely to live in a simpler time, but I’d miss this modern world!”

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